Primal Technologies supporting Voicemail on OpenShift 4.14 for Primal OSE deployments

Primal Technologies announced today that the Primal OSE is supporting Voicemail on OpenShift 4.14. As OpenShift 4 can be run on various public or private resources whether it is bare-metal or virtualized hardware, it could be readily deployed with the vast majority of carriers. It is ideal for on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud deployments and supports major cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud, vSphere.

While Primal OSE Voicemail Service had been in a containerized environment for many years, the addition of OpenShift support enhances the ability to rapidly deploy cloud-native microservices at scale. " Some carriers are interested in starting with a smaller Voicemail deployment and having the flexibility to scale-up without having to go through major upgrades and downtime that affects customers' experience. OpenShift further enhances scalability to Kubernetes and allows scaling from 10 to 10,000 containers. It also provides better security, routers and offers an out-of-the-box networking solution." said Ravindra Conway, President at Primal Technologies.

As a cloud-based enterprise-ready container platform on top of Kubernetes, OpenShift offers additional features and tools for container management. "OpenShift contains a set of developer tools and image management features that works with popular continuous integration tools such as Jenkins. This helps to streamline workflows and the deployment of any updates to the applications on the production cluster." said Parker Stagg, Senior Developer at Primal Technologies.

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Primal Technologies’ Cloud-based and NFV Services include Prepaid/OCS, Landline/Wireless Voicemail and native Apple/Android Visual VM, SMSC/IP-SM-GW, MMS Server, EIR and PCRF. All Services include a comprehensive set of WWW Customer management, WWW Self-Care and network provisioning capabilities. Along with dozens of custom service solutions that have been built for different landline and mobile network operators, network operators can leverage Primal’s Cloud-based architecture with a solution scaling from thousands to millions of subscribers without hardware restrictions.

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