PRIMAL TECHNOLOGIES Open Services Platform (OSE)
Launches Prepaid with GTA

Primal Technologies announced today that the Primal Open Services Environment (OSE) is commercially deployed with GTA in Guam, providing Prepaid. Primal Technologies’ OSE allows wireless carriers to leverage all value-added applications on one system.

“Service providers are continually interested in seeing how next generation IT and telecom systems can operate seamlessly and automatically with minimal IT intervention,” said Greg Carlson, Director, Sales & Business Development at Primal Technologies. “Along with many of Primal Technologies customers who have become references, we are pleased to be working with GTA where we have deployed our Prepaid application, complete with a comprehensive set of service features offering carrier-grade reliability, seamless migration, and a system that meets this challenge in 2021 and beyond. We also look forward to a continued relationship with GTA in Guam for the many years to follow,” he continued.

Primal has been a long-time partner with GTA. Andrew Gayle, COO at GTA, says, “As we evaluated our options for an update to our legacy prepaid platform, their solution on OSE met all our existing and future requirements, including the ease of installation and on-going maintenance in a virtual environment.”

Primal Technologies’ NFV Applications include Advance Pay/Prepaid, OCS, Voicemail/Visual VM, SMSC, MMS Server and EIR. With Primal's solutions on NFV technology, wireless carriers can leverage all value-added applications with a solution scaling from 10,000 and beyond without hardware restrictions. “Primal is committed to the flexible nature of the network infrastructure of both today and the tomorrow by assisting our customers to minimize both OPEX and CAPEX. NFV and Kubernetes have demonstrated that this fundamental approach is definitely moving ahead by leveraging resources in a virtualized atmosphere,” said Greg Carlson, Director, Sales & Business Development.

To administer, control and monitor the OSE the service provider utilizes Primal Skynet. “Primal Skynet easily exceeds telecom expectations for a simple, highly-focused turnkey solution for subscriber provisioning, customer service management, and service administration, monitoring, alarming and reporting for a broad range of services including Advance Pay/Prepaid, CTS features, Promotions, SMSC, MMS and OTA. With Primal Skynet the carrier can quickly access the data from anywhere in either a centralized or decentralized operation,” stated Ryan Kinsella, Software Developer.

About Primal Technologies Inc.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with an office in Hong Kong, Primal Technologies offers a broad, mature, and leading-edge portfolio of advanced NFV Services to various network operators worldwide. All Primal Services, including Advance Pay/Prepaid/OCS, USSD, SMSC, IP-SM-GW, MMS Server, Voicemail, Apple/Android Visual Voicemail, EIR, Call Recording Service and other custom services, can be deployed on either a customer's private cloud, the public cloud/other hosting provider, or on the Primal cloud with unprecedented scalability and ease of manageability. Primal enables operators to reduce costs and maintain their competitiveness.

About GTA

GTA TeleGuam provides complete communications services in Guam. These include local and long-distance telephone service, 3G and LTE mobility service, High Speed Internet Access, Dedicated Ethernet, Carrier-Class High Capacity Services over SONET and SDH networks, and advanced television, or IPTV. GTA operates a data center on Guam offering a secure, managed environment for customers who need an alternative site for business data storage. GTA’s newest edition to servicing Guam is Guam’s first locally owned Cable Landing Station which was completed this year, which houses the new SEA-US Cable System.

Based in Tamuning, Guam, GTA is a US-based, privately owned and locally managed company.

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Primal Technologies, with a successful 20+ year history, is a leading provider of Converged Prepaid and Value Added Services for mobile, landline and cable operators.

Primal offers a broad and feature-rich portfolio of advanced VNF services for wireless and VoIP operators worldwide serving many types of networks.