Handset Security

Equipment Identification Register (EIR)

Today’s wireless operators have taken on the corporate social responsibility to work independently or together with other wireless operators, in order to combat cellphone theft. Many countries have also instituted legislation that requires wireless operators to “need-to-know” their subscribers. Primal Technologies Equipment Identity Register (EIR) provides operators with the features to “black-list” lost or stolen cellphones and data devices and the capability to also require subscribers to register recently purchased cellphones (i.e. “white-list” them) with the operator or national authority.

Primal EIR has been developed, integrated and deployed with GSMA Central IMEI Database to share black-listed IMEIs with other GSMA Member Operators.

Some of the features available with the Primal EIR include:

  • ▪  GSM Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase2+
  • ▪  Support for both IMEI and IMEISV
  • ▪  White list, Grey list, Black list screening restricts attachment from previously reported lost/stolen handsets
  • ▪  Tracks theft of handset shipments
  • ▪  IMEI/IMSI/MISISDN association and optional locking
  • ▪  Generated events on IMEI Changes
  • ▪  Initial EIR Database auto-population
  • ▪  API to query current IMEI of subscriber
  • ▪  Separate transaction log stream for law enforcement purposes
  • ▪  3G/LTE Network Integration (MAP/F, S13, S13’)
  • ▪  Central IMEI database interface

Primal Technologies Central EIR (C-EIR) is a companion product deployed for Government Authorities, and is typically used to enforce a Telecom Regulator’s White-listing and Black-listing requirements. For example, the Regulator may mandate that any smartphone, or LTE device owner must register their device with the Government in case the device is later used for criminal purposes. Once the smartphone/device is registered, it is white-listed and is allowed to attach to the network. If it is not registered then the smartphone/device cannot attach and hence cannot be used. If the smartphone/device is later reported lost/stolen (or recovered) then the C-EIR plays a role in propagating black-list (and white-list) entries to other EIRs in the network.

The Primal C-EIR provides an interface to other Primal EIR(s) in the network or MNOs’ existing EIRs. WWW Customer Care screens can be used by Government personnel or otherwise. Primal C-EIR REST APIs can also be provided for integration with a Government’s existing internal web screens.

Primal Technologies’ comprehensive set of EIR and C-EIR features meet the requirements of operators and Government authorities looking for various techniques to combat cellphone theft, fraud and other criminal activities while also providing the network operator with subscriber handset make/model detection mechanisms for possible cellphone/device, or monthly bundle “up-sell” opportunities.

For the complete set of features available on Primal Technologies Equipment Identity Register or for general enquiries, please contact us.

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