About Primal Technologies

Primal Technologies is a leading provider of Converged Prepaid and Value Added Services for mobile, landline and cable operators. Converged Prepaid/OCS/USSD/IVR/Promotions, Visual Voice Mail, SMSC, MMS Server, Broadcast Manager, EIR, Flare, and OTA are some of our products. In addition, Primal Technologies provides custom services for telecom operators.

Primal Technologies also includes a comprehensive set of screens to allow the Operator to manage their subscribers, perform customer care, and develop/schedule promotions. A comprehensive set of Subscriber Self-care Web screens, USSD menus and an IVR is included, so that subscribers can review their account balance and charges, recharge their account, subscribe to various packages, administer their own settings/features, and review their voice/fax messages.

All Primal products can be deployed on a Network Function Virtualization (NFV) architecture, either on a customer's private cloud, or on the Primal Technologies cloud with unprecedented scalability and ease of manageability.

Primal Technologies continues to push the envelope in 2016/17 with integrated or component solutions serving many different types of networks while reducing costs and simultaneously assisting operators to maintain their competitiveness with a continuing set of new features together with support for VoLTE, IMS and other network architectures.

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